The world famous Johanna Budwing born in 1908 and died in 2003 was the first doctor in Physics and chemistry, working for The Buldensaltat tor ferforschung (Federal Institute of Investigation on fatty acids) and Naturopathy Medicine. She was described as the leading global authority in the field of fats and oils and was the first person in her field to classify fats according to their composition. Dr. Budwig discovered the powerful healing nature of essential fatty acids in all sorts of degenerative diseases, including cancer. She wrote numerous books and thesis that reflect the results on the critical importance of polyunsaturated fatty acids and the effect of toxic trans-hydrogenates and saturated fats on health. Her studies produced research that indicated that the imbalance of electro chemicals transforms healthy cells into cancer cells.

With her diet, Johanna Budwig treated 2200 patients and over 90% of them overcame their cancer.

She was seven times nominated for Nobel Prize in medicine

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