Growth factors

In Hilu Medical Centre we are experts in “Growth Factors”, which we use at both, medical and aesthetic level, in treatments for rejuvenation, bones, tendons, skin, hair, gums, blood vessels and different parts of internal organs. There are specialized substances (proteins) capable of stimulating grow and cellular differentiation. This way, we regulate a great variety of cellular processes for cicatrisation, healing and repair of damaged tissues of the body.

A chemical messenger able to induce cellular growth of specific cellules in order to create blood vessels, tendons, nerves, bones, skins, etc.

Action mechanism

En the event of cellular lesion or degeneration, Growth Factors are in touch with cellules potentially able to be divided, stimulated and that promote proliferation in order to repair the damaged tissue. Likewise, they stimulate cells to specialize and form structures such as: bones, skin, muscles, tendons, blood vessels and all support elements.

Whether due to traumatic lesion or reconstructive surgery, the application of Growth Factors intentionally, it is added to the function of Growth Factors locally liberated in case of lesion, accelerating the events to form all elements of skin o damaged tissue, and also decreasing convalescence time.

In recent years, diverse studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of using some Growth Factors, even in healthy skin, in order to increase all elements of the skin (greater amount of collagen in its different types, elastin, extracellular matrix, blood vessels, arteries and veins.), producing effects of cellular regeneration and facial rejuvenation.

In colloquial terms, the process would be to extract blood and isolate specialized substances in charge of repairing lesions, and then apply them to be treated. In CMH, Hilu Medical Centre, we extract and isolate these factors using the required technology without needing to send them to any other laboratory to be processed and therefore being ready for application during the same process.


During the last 20 years, growth factors have been used more and more frequently in treatments for a wide range of problems. Reality proves a great variety of possible applications of these substances, such as the following list of indications that most probably will be increased in the next months:

  • Delay in Consolidation of Fractures.

  • In bones deficiency and cases of graft application.

  • Diabetic foot.

  • Injuries cicatrisation.

  • Fractures.

  • Improve hair and skin grafts.

  • Pseudo degenerative osteoarthritis

  • Varicose ulcers.

  • Spinal wound.

  • Gum problems (Odontology).

  • Bone defects

  • Complex fractures.

  • Degenerative osteoarthritis (loss of Articular Cartilage in hips, knees, shoulder, elbow, etc)

  • Delay and/ or defects in injuries healing.

  • Facial rejuvenation.


The method of extracting Growth Factors from human body and to apply them in damaged area or areas is relatively simple and fast (around 45 minutes).

This is a painless method (without anaesthesia) that should ideally be performed in operating rooms, with the aim of guaranteeing cleanness, facility and commodity for patients and doctors.

To this end, blood is extracted from the arms or hand, it is then processed, Growth Factors are extracted, mixed with several substances and then used straight away in the required areas.

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